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sometimes i just want to punch everybody in the jake bass tag.. of course not the people who make beautiful gifs of him but the girls who ask about jakes sexuality really makes me fucking lose it.. ohh! and the girl that called herself a fucking ‘faghag’ ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? UUGGHHH  i hate that term so much!!! .. what th fuck is wrong with you just do not. and gay guys that use that word as an insult fucking stop, what the fuck is wrong with girls watching gay porn and loving gay guys??? you fucking ignorant shit.. WE are the one first in line supporting your rights!!! remember that!!  And the other day a girl said jake bass was french cuz he speaks french! get your facts right gurl omg he is canadian! i really love that girls support him but please stop being so damn stupid asking about his sexuality and why he used to cut himself..just ugh ahev some respect

omg i went crazy on this shit.. i’m out.. 

PS: PEOPLE WHO AGREE WITH ME PLEASE LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF WITH THIS AMAZING BLOG POST ON THESWORD (gay porn blog) is about jake bass and his girl fan base on tumblr. 

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